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Things to come: a love letter

Dear Atlanta,

We only have a few more weeks and it’s been a long relationship. We’ve spent more then 6000 days together. And even though it’s coming to an end, I want you to know that I still care about you. I still have a special place in my heart for you. And I’ve learned to love a lot of your parts. Your east, your mid and downs, your “little five points”.
You’re still attractive to me. Sexy even.
But I’ve met someone else; her name is New York. I don’t know her that well, but she calls me daily. She has a rough exterior but a lot of great stories. And she can be kind and loving.
It’s time for me to move on.
I hope you understand. We can still be friends; I’ll visit every now And then.
Aww baby, don’t cry. We will get through this.
But this change will help us both.

Love truly,
Kapil Gandhi
Full lock media.

Justin Berrios; the full lock media DP.
He is phenomenal at his job. He is a handsome young man. And he enjoys his eggs over medium with avacado, tomato, and salsa verde.
We love our crew here at full lock media. So thank you Justin Berrios; for being you.
Key West; it’s hot here. Love, June 2010.
-Kapil, full lock media.

Crazy times

These times are crazy. We will be slammed until the end of august. Then big changes for the company.
Full Lock is making moves.

This makes me SOOOOO happy.

Audio by Trevor Stott.

Safe travels

Here I go again on my own.
Going down the only road I’ve ever known.
Kapil from atl to Miami, fort lauderdale, and key west for the next three days to meet with clients about a new project we are starting. And this project is allllllll about the clients.
Pretty stoked. Hope the meetings go well;
Excited to be in such an awesome city again. Love Miami.
It’s gonna be a wild three months.

Two sharks two days. I love island living.
Me and Trevor went on a little 530am hike on st John and ended On a clearing on the beach. Gorgeous. We saw a turtle and a 6-8foot shark maybe 100feet out. And the next day, we saw this guy 8 feet away from shore. Insane.

3 of 3

Puerto Rico here we come

St John is full of lizards. We are iguanas… The king of the lizard.
Westin at John, number 2 of our three week tour. Exciting and fun.
Kapil Gandhi, Justin Berrios, Michael Phillips, Trevor Stott. We are brothers. The lizard king brothers.
Let’s take over these islands

T minus

T minus 5 days til lift off. Go go gadget film crew!