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Post 7: May 20, 2011: day 10.

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This has been one hell of a road trip. We just spent the last week on Hilton Head island spending time with a great staff and shooting the Westin, seriously a gorgeous property; eating delicious foods and getting to know a Ton of foreign interns; what a great way to experience life!
We also got called gay a lot; don’t hate cuz we have style. ūüėČ

The whole experience culminated to the absolute perfect final 24 hours
1. we kayaked through the back waterways of Hilton head island and had a first hand encounter with a very curious and friendly adult dolphin. He decided we were ok to swim with for 45 minutes, and we made best of friends. I hope he keeps his promise to write.
After a great dinner and a hell of a night with some of our island friends, we closed out our journey this morning with a specialty stretch “butterfly massage” for Dan and my first ever Mani / pedi. Gotta keep those digits fresh yo.

We did a lot, met a lot of people. We were hoping to be heading to Miami but some great stuff came up that made this trip way better; we are now on our way to Boston, to shoot a project for 3.2.1 connect, a huge compound of malls, hotels, and a convention center.
After a stop tonight we will catch up with writer/director/great friend Justin Edwards for quite the silly night on the town. Maybe even in hahvaad sqwayuh.

More photos and videos coming. If we can we will also include some of the dinosaurs vs civil war heroes attraction!!!! What?!!! Damn right.

What an incredible adventure. It’s not even half way done.
Watch what happens. FulllockTV.

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South Carolina. Cracker Barrel. Extravagant rest stops. Peanut M&Ms. Rocking chairs. Fake mustaches. T-2hours to Hilton Head Island.

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Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. Opened in 1864. Closed in the 1980s. One of the largest insane asylums in the US. We just took an awesome ghost hunting tour. Met jack the cook. Creeptastic.
Some of the reasons for admission:
Brain fever.
Disappointed affection.
Fall from horse.
Fell from horse in war.
Fits and desertion of husband.
Masturbation and syphilis.
Masturbation for 30 years.
Loss of arm.
Over action of the mind.
Vicious vices in early life.
Religious enthusiasm.
Medicine to prevent conception.
Ill treatment by husband.
Moral sanity.
Parents were cousins.
Yep…you read em right.
Ghost hunting, commenced.
Thanks, West Virginia.

Post 2: May 13, 2011: 610p est. Go Steelers!

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We spent the last two days getting to know the most wonderful family in the world, the Salanos. They were kind enough to open there doors to a dirty bunch of tattooed picture makers, and give us the opportunity to rest, eat, relax, work, and converse.
Pittsburgh really is an interesting town. Go Steelers!
We spent a lot of time with our good pal Dave, watched a lot of Rob and Big. Had a phenomenal meal by Mrs. Salano. Felt like home. Washed clothes. Learned about Braco the Gazer. Created Dantana the Smiler. Had some brews. Took the Pittsburgh inclines. Had a great cheesesteak.

Now we are on our way to Hilton Head, SC. And we are making stops; probably spending the night in Raleigh NC. When we make a stop, we will document for you. Photos to come.
We are heading to a ghost hunting tour.

Full Lock Media. Watch what happens.

Post 1. May 11, 2011: 342p. Project Canada: DENIED.

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Hey all you Full Lock Media fans out there. So a couple of things went a little whacky last night at the Canadian border on I87. And due to some completely unforeseen circumstances we were denied access to Canada. Nothing illegal; nothing scary. Just pure silliness.
We spent a generous portion at our friend Jason Murphy’s lovely house in Albany, NY trying to get a plan. Came to the conclusion that not much can happen without certain paperwork.

After spending the morning in the phone, we decided to head back to NYC to regroup and attempt to get something with all of our equipment and rental vehicle.

Thirty minutes into the drive I got a great phone call, and following Dan had an epiphany.

We were a motley crew with no destination.
Now we have a plan.
We have secured a potential shoot in Hilton Head, SC. This begins on Sunday the 14th.
We are headed to Pittsburgh. Or Chicago. Then Nashville. Or Atlanta. Then Hilton Head. Then Miami. Or New York. Who knows.

Dan Cottrell, Kapil Gandhi, Carlos Escobar.
We are taking a road trip. We are filming it. We have no schedule; we are stopping where we deem necessary. Caves. Candy stores. Worlds largest whatevers. Strange museums. And we will update and upload as it happens.
Who knows where this will go.

I’m sure it will be awesome.

Full lock. Watch what happens.

Full Lock and W Vieques on Today Show

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This morning, February 17, 2011, the incredible marketing team at the W Vieques Retreat & Spa (with a touch of help from us here at Full Lock Media), who has obviously been working hard, had a feature in the Travel and Leisure section of the NBC Today Show’s national morning broadcast. ¬†The section titled Winter Getaways, with several properties mentioned, the W Vieques Retreat & Spa was not only the first property to be mentioned, but was the ONLY hotel that featured video footage! ¬†
Below is the clip!  Be sure to check it out, our footage is featured from  0:26s to 0:46s!
A huge thanks goes out to the crew that made this shoot happen,Justin Berrios, Michael Phillips, Trevor Stott, Iris Acosta, Nikolai Ursin, Jonathan Heath, Ashish Arya, Jana Epstein and Harrison &Shriftman PR, David Krech, Sean Brevick, Victoria Smith, Capt. Jim Cruz and Caribbean Heli-Jets, our great techs from PJ Gaffers, Jeremy Marquard, Dan Cottrell,  Jim Curtis, and all you other incredible, lovely human beings!
So excited to be part of a company working so closely with Starwood Hotels, and we hope to create media for you as well as all of our clients that is this effective in the future!  Thanks all, enjoy the clip, and keep up with us at 

And for the Full W Vieques Retreat and Spa Video, Please go

Full Lock: October 2010

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Full Lock Media: October.

Canadian Consulate.  New York City.  Dan Cottrell.  Phone Calls.  City Visitors.  Yuca Bar.  Spaniard Reunion.  Atlanta.  Greenville.  Calgary.  Hiring Locals.  Work Visas.  Rockies.  NYC.  FLM Reunion.  Good friends.  Sushi?  Beer.  Miami.  Gyro Mounts.  Gyro sandwiches.  RED.  Hassleblad. Bell 206.  W South Beach.  Steadycam.  Party.  NYC.  Phone Calls.  Press Packages.  Sales.  Self sustenance. smiles.  City Visitors.  Halloween.


October 2010.