fulllockmedia is
an award-winning
media agency.

As an agency that provides film and video, photography, and other creative services, our passion was always in filmmaking. Our team of individual artists have over 40 years of combined experience in the film business, ranging from small three person shoots to big budget summer blockbusters and network television shows. 

We focus our energy on understanding and developing a visual world that fits your brand, and telling stories within that world.

We see things differently around here, and we’re pretty sure you’d agree.


Full Lock Media is a combine of talented artists, available as a team or as individuals.
We can help you produce your end goal, or fill a gap in your team.

Kapil Gandhi

Production Principal

Jake Goodman

Associate Producer

Daniel Sortet

Production Coordinator / Editor

Lee Garmon

Producer / DP

Rasheed Philips

DP / Photographer

Trevor Stott

Producer / Director

Kyler Dennis

Director of Photography

Some interesting,
not so average facts:

Our producers consistently travel over 180 days a year.

We are well versed in international travel, international shoots and paperwork. Most of us have several work permits in our passports.

Two office mascots, pictured below, will generally be found snoozing underneath a random desk. Unofficially titled head of PR, head of security. 

When in the office, we regimented 45 minute midday workouts to stay fresh.

We try to shoot our own creative pieces when there is time, and won the Atlanta 48hour film festival in 2015.

We also have extensive experience in Aerial and Drone video.

We make cold brew coffee with small batch beans once a week in our office.

We are proud supporters of Atlanta United, MLS’s newest addition.

We are used to 430am call times, and 1pm naps.

If its not our latest edit for review, you ill likely find NHL games playing on our office television. (go blackhawks!)

We exclusively communicate in GIFs.