daniel sortet

production coordinator / editor

contact daniel:
email: daniel@fulllock.com
phone: 615.337.8837

“Don’t fear doing what you’ve never done before.”


Daniel is the production coordinator and editor at fulllockmedia.

Daniel grew up constantly on the move.
His parents thrived on and also nurtured a sense of adventure. Because of this he has grown up in 4 different states, lived in the Caribbean and also in Central America.

Due to this constant change of environment, Daniel is quick to adapt to new scenarios.

Film and live TV production has helped facilitate Daniels need for constant adventure. His interest in this field started in highschool, where he would help produce many classmates video projects.

Daniel graduated with a degree in studio work and live TV production.

He started out working as a technical director, cam op, and editor for ESPN, KSU, and Fox.

As of recently he has geared his pursuits more towards single camera productions, and short form film. He hopes one day this will lead to drinks with David Fincher.

Outside of work Daniel can be found trail running, reading, and spending too much time watching films.


Postcard Inn

Postcard Inn

Phoenician Concierge

Phoenician Concierge

Kristi Castlin

Kristi Castlin

W Hollywood

W Hollywood

Three favorite Places on Earth
Costa Rica, Nashville, and my moms kitchen.

How do you take your coffee?
usually a macchiato, going for effect here

Top 3 songs on your current playlist
A$AP Ferg – New Level
MTNS – Fears
James Young – Ill be good
Zes – Do it again

How many stamps in your current passport?
No passport Tattoos as of yet

Title of the biographical movie made when you die?
Daniel and the constant search for sleep

Best Tacos / Burger youve ever had?
Velvet Taco Chicago

Park Burger Denver

A Fortune Cookie you wish you got?
In the future youll stumble into a dinner with kanye, aziz ansari, chris delia and drake