kapil gandhi

production principal

FAA Certified UAS pilot

contact kapil:
email: kapil@fulllock.com

“Aspiring Inspirer”


Kapil Gandhi is the founder of Full Lock Media. Starting the company in 2003 he began producing his own video works that went to distribution shortly after. Other groups began to take notice, and that coupled with his onset skills working in production and camera had him working on set around his class schedule.
Kapil is of Indian and South African heritage, and moved to Los Angeles when he was 2 years old.

Graduating from GSU in Atlanta in 2007 with a BFA in film and earning a vocation specialty in production management, he has worked in a variety of industry projects, from big budget television shows, commercials, documentaries, and as a show runner on several independent SAG Modified budget features.

Having an extremely versed history in the industry, Kapil is able to see a production through with his various talents in preproduction, principle both above and below the line, and in post. His confidence in working with new people and seeing the vision of the project first help him tell the story in his head.

Kapil is a natural leader, with an appreciation for all aspects of production, and the experience and know how to back it. He has a certification in Apple Final Cut Pro, and has been trained in food and interior photography.

Kapil lives in Decatur, GA with his brilliant girlfriend and #allthepuppies. there is also a snake living in a dead tree in his backyard he has named Woody. At first a potential threat, He has come to learn that Woody’s pretty chill.


Sanguisuga Trailer

Sanguisuga Trailer



Lunch in the Park

Lunch in the Park

Three favorite Places on Earth
Portland, Oregon. TransCanadian Highway, Alberta Canada. Somewhere I havent been quite yet.

How do you take your coffee
Cold Brew, Cortado, or an 8oz Mocha super light on the chocolate.

Top 3 songs on your current playlist
Son Lux – Flight
BrotherTiger – Jungle Floor
Local Natives – Past Lives

How many stamps in your current passport?
13 stamps, two work permits.

Title of the biographical movie made when you die?
Such Great Heights

Best Tacos / Burger youve ever had?
Big Star Chicago
El Come Dallas.
Black Bean burger at Relish at the Phoenician Resort. wow.

A Fortune Cookie you wish you got?
You didnt pick this fortune, it picked you. Now live your life without hesitation, because all your fortunes will come true.